About Us

In 30 years there’s not much that Wayne Eames hasn’t seen or dealt with in rail.

He has been in and around the industry in various capacities from mechanical fitter right to project manager in Australia and internationally.

Wayne has experience in just about all facets of the railway industry including track laying, turnout and crossover construction and installation, welding, surfacing, overhead wiring and signalling. Wayne saw the possibilities of using equipment to speed rail construction and maintenance and was the first in Victoria to use loaders on the rail.

Wayne has great local knowledge of the industry and the people involved and is accustomed to being part of bringing projects to completion on time and within budget safely. Wayne’s 2 sons are continuing the tradition, with Jade working widely in Asia as a rail construction manager, and Kyle working as a rail fitter and operator with QR.

It’s this experience that makes the difference at Just Track. We know how to get the job done, on time and on budget.